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Concerto Magazine, Austria

"Cosmo St. Clair goes to work with such disarming naturalness that one can hardly contain one's amazement. Someone just shows up after forty years and replicates a sound which in those days brought the blues back into American memory and it doesn't sound antiquated for even a second. Astonishing!"

Blues Revue, USA

"Stripped down and streetwise…raw, ragged and righteous"

Blues In Britain, UK

For those of you who still pine for those halcyon days of the British Blues boom of the 60s, or for the younger blues fans who would like to hear the type of music that spawned the (re) discovery of many of the elder generation of true Blues musicians, this CD pays tribute to the bands that formed the vanguard of the movement that took the Blues back to it’s homeland, and will come as a real delight. Listening to Cosmo St Clair will bring to mind bands like the Manfreds and the Blues Band, but permeated with the attitude and aggression that the Stones, Kinks and Pretty Things bought to their music, with a bit of punk thrown in for good measure.

Back to the Roots, Belgium

This is a party album that sounds like a ‘Best Of Original British Blues’: a merciless and fast guitar claiming the spotlight, an electric organ driving everyone wild, a harmonica to alternate with a voice similar to the rocky throats of Eric Burdon, Mick Jagger and Phil May. St. Clair rewrites and rephrases this unique paragraph in the history of black music with such enthusiasm, gusto and swing that you find yourself putting on your dancing shoes in the middle of the day.

Blues On Stage, USA

Mind blowin’ from beginning to end…high-energy Blues, to say the least — a great party CD, for sure! One of the best, rousing Blues albums I’ve ever heard — a classic in it’s own time! There aren’t enough stars in the ‘rating system’ to do it justice!

Exclaim! Magazine, Canada

Cosmo St. Clair punches through time with this cocky, eleven-track disc of Blues that’s grounded in the heart of the British bar scene of the mid-sixties. Cosmo lays claim to the turf with little more than his guitar and a heroic dose of major rock ’n’ roll attitude. A fun party record from an innovator who moves forward by first honouring the past.

Bobtje Blues, Belgium

St. Clair is doing his thing in such a refreshing and energetic way that you have a hard time believing your ears.

Blues4ever, UK

Cosmo has managed to do what even bands of that era couldn't do and that is re-create the atmosphere of a 60's London Blues club in the recording studio. It's all there... the vocals, the guitar sound, the Hammond and the howling amplified harp. I love it!

Crossroad Blues, Australia

Now Blues For Now People doesn’t just re-create the ‘sixties blues scene, for that would be mere duplication. It takes the Blues and re-packages them for a younger generation as well as to those thoroughly drenched in the cloudburst of Blues from the early sixties coming from one side of the Atlantic and being filtered down on the other side. … no wimpy ballads here.

BluesWax, USA

There is a punkish sentimentality in the way St. Clair presents…these tracks, more of a laid back cool energy inherent in his playing. (This "coolness" got an extra point in the rating!) …good song choices, some fine playing…catch this act live!

Blues Free Press, UK

This CD could easily have been lifted from a set list of standards from the days in which we used to hurtle up & down the A1 in dodgy Commer vans ... bugger me, is that keyboard a Vox Continental? ... bloody well sounds like it. To someone who was there & doing it, Cosmo is sounding just retro right.

Blues Bytes, USA

Now Blues for Now People is definitely a tribute towards the more established old school blues.

La Hora del Blues Radio, Spain

This CD is a good example of the honest work of a musician who loves Blues and believes in what he does, which gives as a result a worthy piece of work. If you like straight simple powerful blues, this CD is a very good example. VERY GOOD.


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